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A special experience..

Otterskloof Private Game Reserve is considered one of South Africa's premier hunting destinations - we offer both the seasoned and less experienced hunter a hunting adventure to suit their taste and preferences.

The vastness of the Reserve coupled with the varied topography makes every hunt different – from high open plateaus to deep thorny ravines, the environment is not only aesthetically pleasing but offers a different challenge on every hunt.

Hunts at Otterskloof are led by experienced and fully trained professional hunters and trackers, ensuring not only an unforgettable experience but everlasting memories that will entice your return.

The serene setting, coupled with the day’s events will ensure good conversation around the fire at sunset.

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Trophy Hunting

Otterskloof is home to large herds of free-roaming game which produce high-quality trophies from the stock of mature male specimens. 

There are 32 different species of animal to hunt on the Reserve -our guides and professional hunters are trained in tracking, identifying, and hunting trophy animals across the Reserve. 

After the hunt is concluded our recovery teams see to it that the trophy is handled with care and transported to the skinning team.

Our skinning team will do the necessary preparations in order to preserve our clients' trophies or skins before shipping them to their preferred taxidermy.

Game Management Hunting

The Reserve's annual hunting quota is carefully planned according to a game management plan after an annual game count. 

The quota of non-trophy male and female animals are offered to local and international hunters to practice their sport in an ethical and sustainable manner, thereby contributing to the future viability of the herds at the Reserve. 

Otterskloof offers skinning and meat preparation facilities on-site.

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Social and Family Hunts

Hunting is first and foremost a social activity and as such, Otterskoof caters to groups who enjoy the sport of hunting in order to strengthen personal ties.

We are proud to be considered a family-friendly establishment and enjoy introducing newcomers to the sport of hunting by offering guidance and training.

Otterskloof is well-known as a corporate hunting destination and caters to the specific needs of larger corporate clients.

Hunting Equipment and Facilities

The pre- and post-hunting facilities at Otterskloof are of a high standard - we offer a dedicated shooting range with sighting equipment for the mandatory sighting of rifles and to ascertain every hunter's shooting abilities.

All our vehicles as well as our professional hunters' vehicles are maintained and equipped to a high standard. 


Our skinning facilities and cooling store are hygienic and well-organized.

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Rasmus, Denmark

We just Stayed and hunted on Otterskloof, we had a fantastic week there, great food, staff , beautiful lodge and rooms and fantastic hunting area, beautiful mountains and lots of game.

We will definitely come back

Mark, United States

Fantastic place to hunt! First class lodge, amazing staff and great professional hunting guides! The prices for trophies are very reasonable and the quality is top notch! I was hunting the 5 different Springboks, Lechwe and Roan Antelope. Everyone in my group got what they came for as well as additional animals. I'd like to return for a Cape Buffalo as they had fine examples and the price is right. The terrain here is skin to hunting in the American west, and we all greatly enjoyed it.

Jacques, Gauteng, South Africa

Best hunting farm in South Africa!

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