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  • Where is Otterskloof situated ?
    Otterskloof is in the heart of South Africa, 200km South-West from Bloemfontein. The Reserve is situated in the Southern Free State on the banks of the third largest man-made lake in South-Africa, Lake Vanderkloof.
  • How do I travel to Otterskloof ?
    Otterskloof is a 2-hour drive from Bloemfontein along the National N1 Route to Trompsburg where the secondary R717 road is taken to Philippolis. From Philippolis it is a 25km drive on a maintained gravel road to the Main Lodge. Otterskloof Private Game Reserve can be found on Google Maps : CLICK HERE Major international airlines have regular flights to South Africa and in most cases, daily flights are available to Johannesburg International Airport. Johannesburg is approximately 600km North-East of Otterskloof. There are regular flights from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein - it is a 45 minute flight. Otterskloof provides for private transfers of guests from Bloemfontein to Otterskloof - see our pricelist for more information. There is a landing strip for private charter plains at The Lake Gariep, a 1 hour drive from Otterskloof.
  • What is the climate like at the Reserve ?
    The Southern Free State's climate is characterized by warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters. This semi-desert area also brings fluctuations of temperature from day to night. Almost all precipitation falls during the summer as brief afternoon thunderstorms. The Winter months - May to July brings cold weather with sub-zero temperatures at night and sunny days. Summer months are characterised by hot days and afternoon thunderstorms. The average rainfall on the Reserve is 300mm per year.
  • What is the natural environment at the Reserve ?
    The Reserve is situated on the border between the Nama-Karoo and Grassland's biomes in an unique area spanning approximately 1200 square kilometers along the Orange River where rocky hills straddle the river- the Reserve is situated in the middle of this area: The eastern section of the Reserve features open grassland which then turns into rocky hills covered in hardy trees and shrubbery as you head west into the reserve. Some of the hills form extensive plateaus some of which are accessible by vehicle. In between these hills are steams, lined with thick bush and trees. The Knapsack river runs through the centre of the property and provides water and shelter for animals. The Reserve borders the Van der Kloof Lake and offers spectacular views over the lake as the hills rise a couple of hundred meters above the Lake.
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