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Exceptional Buffalo Trophies

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40 inch +  Buffalo Trophies

Our hunting team has identified some exceptionel buffalo trophies the past season - these bulls are all 40 inch+ and are offered in an easy accessible area of the Reserve,which makes for a comfortable Hunt.


These trophies are on offer for hunting from end 2021 through 2022.

Price Per Trophy:

43-44 inches:
USD 8,500
44-45 inches:
USD 10,000
46-47 inches:
USD 23,300


Magnificent Sable


45 inch Sable Trophy

Our team has identified an exceptional mature Sable Trophy on the Reserve. This trophy would be a rewarding addition to any trophy room.

He is a mature bull with with Tip-to-Tip meausrement estimated at 35 inches.


This trophy is offered at:


45+ inches:
USD 6,000